French medical and marketing translations
from English and German by a Swiss native

My name is Stéphanie Klebetsanis.

Born and raised in French-speaking Switzerland and educated in Montréal, I now translate and write for French-speaking consumers around the world from my office in Berlin.

It’s my job to help German- and English-speaking clients from Switzerland, Germany, the US, the UK and the rest of the world communicate with French-speaking audiences.

Specialising in business, marketing, medical and healthcare communications, I provide accurate and stylistically sound French translations for French-speakers everywhere.

Native in French,
at home all over the French, German, and English-speaking world

I was raised in Lausanne, Switzerland, meaning I’m native in Swiss French.

But my broad education, exposure to different variants of French, and collaboration with skilled colleagues with different backgrounds enables me to deliver French translations in standard French (Parisian) or Swiss French by default.

I can also work with colleagues to localise texts for a Canadian francophone audience.

French-speaking customers are right on your doorstep. Impress them with French translations that read like originals.